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Aruba North Coast UTV Off-Road Afternoon Tour

From $190 per 2 Seater | $300 per 4 Seater

Get ready for the thrilling and once in a lifetime ride on the island of Aruba. Drive your own side by side and explore Aruba at it's best, adventure across Aruba's top highlights. Drive thru Aruba's unique areas cover hills and desert trails as well as sandy paths along the beach.  Enjoy each stops with a lot of information from our tour guides.  

Tour Highlights

Adventurous travelers will enjoy exploring in their own vehicle
Safely travel the rugged terrain with the help of a guide
Learn about the island’s history and culture during the adventure
Convenient hotel or port pickup and drop-off is included


What to expect

You'll be transferred to the headquarters and welcomed by our friendly staff that outfit with you all necessary equipment, including free bandanas and Cold bottles of water.  After check in, all safety equipment is provided and certified bilingual guides will provide you with safety instructions and recommendations as how to drive the vehicle, after this process you will be almost ready to go.

No experience is necessary but driving license is a must! A full safety and operational instructions is given before the tour begins to ensure all participants are familiar and comfortable with the equipment and the safety skill needed on the trail. The side by side vehicles are equipped with automatic transmission and are very safe and easy to drive, as long as follow the full instructions and briefing given by the fully-trained staff. Safety equipment is provided


Important Information

In order to drive the UTV we require a valid driver's license from all drivers. Please bring your driver's license with you if you are a driver.

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